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Mineral NameChemical FormulaRarity of MineralHardnessColor
Acmite (AEGERINE)NaFeSi2O6Common6 - 6.5Green to brown
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableActinoliteCa2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2Very Common5 - 6Green, green black, gray green, black
AdamiteZn2(AsO4)(OH)Very Rare3.5Yellow, green, violet, pink, yellowish green
Åkermanite-Gehlenite GroupCa2MgSi2O7 - Ca2AI2SiO7Rare5White, gray, yellow and brownish-red or gray-green through alteration.
AlbiteNaAISi3O8Common6 - 6.5White, gray, greenish gray, bluish green
Allanite(Ce,Ca,Y)2(AI,Fe)3(SiO4)3(OH)Very Rare5.5 - 6Brownish- or pitch-black
AlmandineFe3AI2(SiO4)3Common6.5 - 7.5Brown, brownish red, red, black, black red
AluniteKAI3(SO4)2(OH)6Rare3.5 - 4White, gray, yellowish gray, reddish gray, yellowish white
AmberRareOrange to dark brown, occasionally green, violet or black
Amblygonite(Li,Na)AI(PO4)(F,OH)Common5.5 - 6White, yellow, gray, bluish gray, greenish gray
AnalcimeNaAISi2O6.2H2OVery Common5 - 5.5White, grayish white, greenish white, yellowish white, reddish white
Anataseβ-TiO2Very Rare5.5 - 6Black, reddish brown, yellowish brown, dark blue, gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableAndalusiteAI2SiO5Common7.5Dark green, gray, brown, red, green
AndraditeCa3Fe2+3(SiO4)3Rare6.5 - 7.5Black, yellowish brown, red, greenish yellow, gray
AnglesitePbSO4Rare2.75 - 3Blue, colorless, green, gray, yellow
AnhydriteCaSO4Rare3 - 3.5Colorless, white, bluish white, violet white, dark gray
AnnabergiteNi3(AsO4)2.8H2OVery Rare2.5 - 3Apple green, greenish white, gray, yellow green, White
Anorthite(Na,Ca)AISi3O8Very CommonColorless, gray, white, red, reddish gray
Anthophyllite(Mg,Fe)7Si8O22(OH)2Rare5.5 - 6White, greenish gray, green, clove brown, brownish green
AntimonySbVery Rare3 - 3.5Light gray, tin white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableApatite GroupA5(XO4)3(F,CI,OH)Very Common5Colorless to yellow, green, brown and occasionally red or blue
ApophylliteKCa4Si8O20(F,OH).8H2ORare4.5 - 5White, pink, green, yellow, violet
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableAragoniteCaCO3Common3.5 - 4Colorless, white, gray, yellowish white, reddish white
ArfvedsoniteNa2-3(Fe,Mg,AI)5Si8O22(OH,F)2Common6Black, grayish green, bluish gray
Argentite - AcanthiteAg2SRare2 - 2.5Lead-gray
ArsenicAsVery Rare3.5Lead gray, gray, white
ArtiniteMg2(CO3)(OH)2.3H2OVery Rare2White
Astrophyllite(K,Na)3(Fe,Mn)7Ti2Si8O24(O,OH)7Very Rare3.5 - 4.5Brown, brownish red, bronze yellow, gold yellow
AtacamiteCu2CI(OH)3Rare3 - 3.5Green, yellow, yellow green, black green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableAugite(Ca,Na)(Mg,Fe,AI,Ti)(Si,AI)2O6Very Common5 - 6Brown green, green, light brown, dark brown, black
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableAurichalcite(Zn,Cu)5(CO3)2(OH)6Rare2 - 2.5Pale green, sky blue, greenish blue
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableAutuniteCa(UO2)2(PO42.10-12H2ORare2 - 2.5Yellow, pale yellow, lemon yellow, greenish yellow, pale green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableAzuriteCu3(CO3)2(OH)2Common3.5 - 4Azure blue, blue, light blue, dark blue
BabingtoniteCa2(Fe+2Si5O14(OH)Rare5.5 - 6Brownish black, greenish black, black
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableBariteBaSO4Common2.5 - 3.5White, yellowish white, grayish white, brownish white, dark brown
Photo Of This Mineral Is Available"Bauxite"α-FeO(Oh)Very Common1 - 3Shades of brown, red-brown, and yellow-brown
BenitoiteBaTiSi3O9Very Rare6.2 - 6.5Blue, purple, pink, white, colorless
BertranditeBe4Si2O7(OH)2Rare6 - 7Colorless, pale yellow
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableBerylBe3AI2Si6O18Common.gif7.5 - 8Green, blue, yellow, colorless, pink
Betafite(Ca,Na,U)2(Nb,Ta)2O6(OH)Very Rare5Brown, black, brownish green, yellow, greenish black
BiotiteK(Mg,Fe)3(AI,Fe)Si3O10(OH,F)2Very Common2.5 - 3Dark brown, greenish brown, blackish brown, yellow, white
BismuthBiVery Rare2 - 2.5Silver white, pinkish white, red
BismuthiniteBi2S3Rare2Gray, silver white, tin white
Bixbyite(Mn,Fe)2O3Rare6 - 6.5Black
BoleitePb9Ag3Cu8CI21(OH)16.H2OVery Rare3.5Indigo blue, light blue
BoraxNa2B4O7.10H2ORare2 - 2.5Blue, colorless, green, gray, gray white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableBorniteCu5FeS4Rare3Copper red, bronze brown, purple
BoulangeritePb5Sb4S11Rare2.5 - 3Lead gray, blue gray, gray
BournonitePbCuSbS3Rare2.5 - 3Gray, black, steel gray
BrazilianiteNaAI3(PO4)2(OH)4Very Rare5.5Colorless, greenish yellow, yellow green, light yellow
BrochantiteCu4(SO4)(OH)6Rare3.5 - 4Green, emerald green, black
"Bronzite" (Ferroan Enstatite)(Mg,Fe)2Si2O6Very Common5Greenish brown, blackish
Brookiteγ-TiO2Very Rare5.5 - 6Brown, light brown, dark brown, dark reddish brown, orange
BruciteMg(OH)2Rare2.5Blue, gray, gray blue, yellow, white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableCalciteCaCO3Very Common3Colorless, white, pink, yellow, brown
Cancrinite(Na,K,Ca)6-8(AI,Si)12O24(SO4,CO3,CI)1-2.nH2ORare5 - 6Blue, colorless, gray green, yellow, white
CarnalliteKMgCI3.6H2ORare2.5Blue, colorless, yellow, white, red
CarnotiteK2(UO2)2(VO4)2.3H2ORareYellow, golden yellow, greenish yellow
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableCassiteriteSnO2Rare6 - 7Brown, brownish black, colorless, green, gray
CelestiteSrSO4Common3 - 3.5White, colorless, bluish, reddish
CerussitePbCO3Rare3 - 3.5Colorless, white, gray, blue, green
ChabaziteCa(AI2Si4)O12.6H2ORare4 - 5White, yellow, pink, red
ChalcanthiteCuSO4.5H2OCommon2.5Green, green blue, light blue, dark blue
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableChalcociteCu2SRare2.5 - 3Blue black, gray, black, black gray, steel gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableChalcopyriteCuFeS2Very Common3.5 - 7Brass yellow, honey yellow
ChlorargyriteAgCIVery Rare1 - 1.5Purplish gray, green, white, colorless
Chloritoid(Fe,Mn)2AI4Si2O10(OH)4Rare6.5Green gray, green black, grayish black, dark green, dark gray
Chondrodite(Mg,Fe)3(SiO4)(OH,F)2Very Rare6 - 6.5Yellow, orange, brownish white, reddish white, greenish white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableChromiteFeCr2O4Common5.5Black, brownish black
ChrysoberylBeAI2O4Rare8.5Blue green, brown, brownish green, green, gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableChrysocolla(Cu,AI)2H2Si2O5(OH)4.nH2OCommon2.4Green, bluish green, blue, blackish blue, brown
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableChrysotileMg3Si2O5(OH)4Very Common2.5 - 4Green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableCinnabarHgSRare2 - 2.5Lead gray, brown, brown pink, vermilion, gray
Clinochlore(Mg,Fe+2)5AI(Si,AI)4O10(OH)8Very Common2 - 2.5Blackish green, bluish green, white, yellowish green, olive green
ClinozoisiteCa2AI3Si3O12(OH)Common6.5Colorless, green, gray, yellow green, light yellow
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableColemaniteCa2B6O11.5H2ORare4 - 4.5Colorless, gray, gray white, yellowish white, White
Columbite-Tantalite Group(Fe,Mn)(Nb,Ta)2O6Rare6Black
ConichalciteCaCu(AsO4)(OH)Rare4.5Yellow green, emerald green
CopiapiteFe+2Fe4+3(SO4)6(OH)2.20H2ORare2.5Green, green yellow, yellow, yellow green, golden yellow
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableCopperCuVery Rare2.5 - 3Brown, copper red, light pink, red
CordieriteMg2AI4Si5O18Rare7 - 7.5Colorless, pale blue, violet, yellow, gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableCorundumAI2O3Common9Blue, red, yellow, brown, gray
CovelliteCuSRare1.5 - 2Indigo blue, light blue, dark blue, black
CristobaliteSiO2Very Rare7Blue gray, brown, gray, yellow, white
CrocoitePbCrO4Rare2.5 - 3Yellow, Orange, Red, Red orange
CryoliteNa3AIFVery Rare2.5Brownish black, colorless, gray, white, reddish brown
CummingtoniteMg7Si8O22(OH)2Rare5 - 6White, black, blackish brown, blackish green, gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableCupriteCu20Rare3.5 - 4Brown red, purple red, red, black
CyanotrichiteCu4AI2(SO4) (OH)12.2H2OVery Rare1Sky blue, light blue, dark blue
DanburiteCaB2Si2O8Rare7 - 7.3Colorless, white, gray, brownish white, straw yellow
DatoliteCaBSiO4(OH)Rare5 - 5.5Brown, colorless, yellow, white, light green
DescloizitePbZn(VO4) (OH)Rare3.5Dark brownish black, dark reddish brown, orange red, reddish brown, black
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableDiamondCVery Rare10Colorless, white, gray, black, blue
DiasporeAIO(OH)Rare6.5 - 7White, greenish gray, grayish brown, colorless, yellow
DiopsideCaMgSi2O6Very Common5 - 6Blue, brown, colorless, green, gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableDioptaseCuSiO2(OH)2Rare5Dark blue green, emerald green, turquoise
DolomiteCaMg(CO3)2Very Common3.5 - 4White, gray, reddish white, brownish white, gray
DumortieriteAI7(BO3)(SiO4)3O3Rare7Blue, brown, violet, greenish blue, pink
EnstatiteMg2Si2O6Very Common5.5White, yellowish green, brown, greenish white, gray
EosphoriteMnAI(PO4)(OH2).H2ORare5Light pink, yellow brown, light brown, light yellow, colorless
EpidoteCa2(AI,Fe)3Si3O12(OH)Common6 - 7Yellowish green, brownish green, black, yellow, gray
EpsomiteMgSO4.7H2OCommon2 - 2.5Colorless, white, yellowish white, greenish white, pinkish white
ErythriteCo3(AsO4)2.8H2OVery Rare1.5 - 2.5Colorless, violet red, light pink, purple red
EuclaseBeAISiO4(OH)Rare7.5Blue, colorless, white, light blue, light green
Ferberite - HeubneriteFeWO4 - MnWO4Common5 - 5.5Reddish brown, blackish brown
FergusoniteYNbO4Rare5.5 - 6.5Black, Black, Brown, Gray, Yellow
Ferroan Enstatite ("Bronzite")(Mg,Fe)2Si2O6Very Common5Greenish brown, blackish
Ferroaxinite - ManganaxiniteCa2FeAI2BSi4O15(OH) - Ca2MnAi2BSi4O15(OH)Rare6.5 - 7Reddish brown, yellow, violet, gray, green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableFluoriteCaF2Very Common4White, yellow, green, red, blue
Franklinite(Zn,Mn+2,Fe+2)(Fe+3,Mn+3)2O4Very Rare5.5 - 6.5Black, brownish black
GadoliniteBe2FeY2Si2O10Rare6.5 - 7Green, brown
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableGalenaPbSVery Common2.5 - 2.8Light lead gray, dark lead gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is Available"Garnierite"(Ni,Mg)6Si4O10(OH)8Common2 - 4Bright green
GlauberiteNa2Ca(SO4)2Very Rare2.5 - 3Colorless, gray, gray white, yellow, yellowish white
Glauconite(K,Na)AI,Fe+3,Mg)2(AI,Si)4O10(OH)2Rare2 - 2.5Blue green, green, yellow green
GlaucophaneNa2(Mg,Fe)3AI2Si8O22(OH)2Rare6 - 6.5Gray, bluish black, lavender blue, azure blue
Goethiteα-FeOOHCommon5 - 5.5Brown, reddish brown, yellowish brown, brownish yellow, ocher yellow
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableGoldAuVery Rare2.5 - 3Yellow, pale yellow, orange, yellow white, reddish white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableGraphiteCRare1 - 2Iron black, dark gray, black, steel gray
GreenockiteCdSVery Rare3 - 3.5Honey yellow, citron yellow, orange yellow
GrossularCa3AI2(SiO4)3Common6.5 - 7.5Brown, colorless, green, gray, yellow
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableGypsumCaSO4.2H2OVery Common2White, colorless, yellowish white, greenish white, brown
Halite (Rock Salt)NaCIVery Common2.5White, clear, light blue, dark blue, pink
Harmotome(Ba,K)(AI,Si)2Si6O16.6H2ORare4.5White, gray, yellow, red, brown
HaueriteMnS2Very Rare3.5 - 4.5Blackish gray, brownish gray, brownish black
HausmanniteMn+2Mn+32O4Very Rare5 - 5.5Brownish black, grayish
Hauyne(Na,Ca)4-8(AI6Si6)O24(SO4,S)1-2Rare5.5 - 6Blue, green, red, yellow, gray
HedenbergiteCaFeSi2O6Rare5 - 6Brownish green, gray green, grayish black, dark green, black
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableHematiteFe2O3Very Common5.5 - 6.5Reddish gray, black, blackish red
HemimorphiteZn4Si2O7(OH)2.H2ORare4.5 - 5Brown, colorless, greenish gray, yellow brown, white
HerderiteCaBe(PO4)FRare5 - 5.5White, yellowish white, greenish white
Heulandite(Na,Ca)4-6Ai6(Ai,Si)4Si26O72.24H2OCommon3.5 - 4Colorless, yellow, green, reddish orange
Hornblende(Ca,Na)2-3(Mg,Fe+2,Fe+3,AI)5(AI,Si)8O22(OH)2Very Common5 - 6Dark green, black
HydromagnesiteMg5(CO3)4(OH)2.4H2OVery Rare3.5Colorless, white
HydrozinciteZn5(CO3)2(OH)6Very Rare2 - 2.5White, yellowish white, grayish white, pinkish white, bluish white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableIlmeniteFeTiO3Common5 - 6Iron black, black
IlvaiteCaFe2+2Fe+3(SiO4)2(OH)Very Rare5.5 - 6Iron black, dark grayish black
JadeiteNa(AI,Fe+3)Si2O6Very Rare6.5 - 7Green, white, pale bluish gray, grayish green, pale purple
JohannseniteCaMnSi2O6Rare5 - 6Brown, brownish black, greenish, gray, gray green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableKaoliniteAi2Si2O5(OH)4Very Common2 - 2.5White, brownish white, grayish white, yellowish white, grayish green
KerniteNa2B4O7.4H2OCommon2.5Colorless, white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableKyaniteAl2SiO5Common6 - 7Blue, white, gray, green, black
Labradorite(Na,Ca)AISi3O8Very CommonColorless, gray, gray white, white, light green
LaumontiteCa(Ai2Si4)O12.4H2OVery Common3.5 - 4Brownish, gray, yellowish, pearl white, pink
LazuliteMgAi2(PO4)2(OH)2Very Rare5 - 6Blue, blue green, light blue, black blue
Lazurite(Na,Ca)8(Ai,Si)12O24(S,SO4)Very Rare5 - 5.3Blue, azure blue, violet blue, greenish blue
Lepidocrociteγ-FeO(OH)Common5 - 5.5Red, yellowish brown, blackish brown
LepidoliteK(Li,Ai)3(Si,AI)4O10(F,OH)2Common2.5 - 4Colorless, gray white, lilac, yellowish, white
Leuciteα-KAISi2O6Very Common5.5 - 6Colorless, gray, yellow gray, white
"Limonite"Very Common5 - 5.5Yellowish brown, blackish
LinaritePbCu(SO4)(OH)2Rare2.5Sky blue, deep blue
MagnesiteMgCO3Common3.5 - 4.5Colorless, white, grayish white, yellowish white, brownish white
MagnetiteFe+2Fe+32O4Very Common5.5 - 6.5Grayish black, iron black
MalachiteCu2(CO3)(OH)2Common3.5 - 4Green, dark green, blackish green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableManganiteMnO(OH)Rare4Black, gray, grayish black
MarcasiteFeS2Common6 - 6.5Bronze, light brass yellow, tin white
MargariteCaAI2(AI2Si2)O10(OH)2Common3.5 - 4.5White, gray, pinkish gray, yellowish gray
MercuryHgVery RareTin white, gray white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableMicroclineKAISi3O8Very Common6 - 6.5Bluish green, green, gray, grayish yellow, yellowish
Microlite(Na,Ca)2Ta2O6(O,OH,F)Rare5 - 5.5Yellowish brown, reddish brown, greenish brown, green, gray
MilariteK2Ca4Be4AI2Si24O60.H2OVery Rare5.5 - 6Colorless, white, greenish white, yellowish white
MilleriteNiSVery Rare3 - 3.5Bronze, greenish gray, gray, brass yellow
MimetitePb5(AsO4)3CIRare3.5White, yellow, orange, brown, red
MolybdeniteMoS2Rare1 - 1.5Black, lead gray, gray
Monazite(Cs,La,Nd,Th)PO4Common5 - 5.5Yellow, yellowish brown, reddish brown
Montmorillonite(Na,Ca)0.33(AI,Mg)2Si4O10(OH)2.nH2OVery Common1White, gray white, yellow, brownish yellow, greenish yellow
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableMuscoviteKAI2(AISi3)O10(OH)2Very Common2 - 2.25White, gray, silver white, brownish white, greenish white
NatroliteNa2(AI2Si3)O10.2H2OCommon5 - 5.5White, colorless, red, yellowish white, reddish white
Nepheline(Ns,K)AISiO4Very Common5.5 - 6White, gray, brown, brownish gray, reddish white
NeptuniteNa2KLi(Fe,Mn)2Ti2Si8O24Very Rare5 - 6Black, red
NickelineNiAsVery Rare5 - 5.5Lead gray, grayish, copper, black
Nickel-IronNi,FeVery Rare4 - 5Gray, blackish
Oligoclase(Na,Ca)AISi3O8Very CommonBrown, colorless, greenish, gray, yellowish
OliveniteCu2(AsO4)(OH)Rare3Olive green, yellowish brown, dirty white, blackish green, liver brown
"Olivine"(Mg,Fe)2SiO4Very Common6.5 - 7Olive green, yellowish, brown
Omphacite(Ca,Na)(Mg,Fe+2,Fe+3,AI)Si2O6Very Rare5 - 6Grass green, dark green
"Opal"SiO2.nH2OCommon5.5 - 6.5Colorless, milky white, hazy blue, black
OrpimentAs2S3Rare1.5 - 2Lemon yellow, brownish yellow, orange yellow
OrthoclaseKAISi3O8Common6Colorless, greenish, grayish yellow, white, pink
PectoliteNaCa2Si3O8(OH)Rare5White, gray, light pink, light green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailablePentlandite(Fe,Ni)9S8Rare3.5 - 4Bronze, brown
PerovskiteCaTiO3Rare5.5Black, reddish brown, pale yellow, yellowish orange
"Perthite" (Intergrowths)KAISi3O8 and NaAISi3O8CommonPink, blue green, with white stripes
PetaliteLiAISi4O10Common6 - 6.5Colorless, gray, yellow, yellow gray, white
PhenakiteBe2SiO4Very Rare7.5 - 8Colorless, wine yellow, yellow, pink, pinkish red
Phillipsite(K2,Na2Ca)(AI2Si4)O12.4-5H2OCommon4 - 4.5Colorless, white, yellow, gray
PhlogopiteK(Mg,Fe)3(AISi3)O10(F,OH)2Very Common2.5 - 3Brown, gray, green, yellow, reddish brown
PhosgenitePb2(CO3)CI2Very Rare2.75 - 3White, gray, brownish yellow, greenish white, pinkish white
PhosphophylliteZn2(Fe+2,Mn)(PO4)2.4H2ORare3 - 3.5Blue green, colorless, light green
PiemontiteCa2(AI,Mn+3,Fe+3)3(SiO4)3(OH)Very Rare6.5Yellow, carmine red, red, reddish brown, reddish black
PlatinumPtVery Rare4 - 4.5Whitish steel gray, steel gray, dark gray
Polybasite(Ag,Cu)16Sb2S11Very Rare2 - 3Black, dark ruby red
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailablePrehniteCa2AI2Si3O10(OH)2Common6 - 6.5Colorless, gray, yellow, yellow green, white
Psilomelane (Romanehite)BaMn+2Mn+48O16(OH)4Rare5 - 7Iron black, dark steel gray
PyromorphitePb5(PO4)3CICommon3.5 - 4Green, yellow, brown, grayish white, yellowish red
PyropeMg3Ai2(SiO4)3Rare6.5 - 7.5Blood red, orange red, purple red, pink, black red
PyrophylliteAI2Si4O10(OH)2Rare1 - 2Brown green, brownish yellow, greenish, gray green, gray white
PyrrhotiteFe1-xSCommon3.5 - 4.5Bronze, bronze red, dark brown
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableQuartzα-SiO2Very Common7Colorless, white, pink, brown, gray, black, purple, yellow, green, blue, orange
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableRhodochrositeMnCo3Common3.5 - 4.5Pinkish red, red, rose red, yellowish gray, brown
Rhodonite(Mn,Fe,Mg)SiO3Rare5.5 - 6.5Pink, rose red, brownish red, black, yellow
Richterite(Na,K,Ca)3(Mg,Mn)5Si8O22(OH)2Very Rare5 - 6Blue, brown, brown red, gray violet, yellow
RiebeckiteNa2(Fe+2,Mg,Fe+3)5Si8O22(OH)2Common4Blue, black, dark green
Rock Salt (Halite)NaCIVery Common2.5White, clear, light blue, dark blue, pink
Romanechite (Psilomelane)BaMn+2Mn+48O16(OH)4Rare5 - 7Iron black, dark steel gray
Rosasite(Cu,Zn)2(Co3)(OH)2Rare4.5Blue green, light blue, sky blue
Rutileα-TiO2Rare6 - 6.5Blood red, bluish, brownish yellow, brown red, violet
Samarskite(Y,Cs,U,Ca,Pb)(Nb,Ta,Ti,Sn)2O6Rare5 - 6Velvety black
SanidineKAISi3O8Rare6Colorless, white, gray, yellowish white, reddish white
Scapolite Group(Na,Ca,K)4AI3(AI,Si)3Si6O24(CI,SO4,CO3)Very Common5 - 6.5Whitish, blue, gray, pink
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableScheeliteCaWO4Rare4.5 - 5Colorless, white, pale yellow, brownish yellow, reddish yellow
ScoleciteCa(AI2Si3)O10.3H2OCommon5 - 5.5Brownish, colorless, white
ScoroditeFe+3AsO4.2H2ORare3.5 - 4Yellowish green, pale leek green, liver brown, blue green, black green
SepioliteMg4Si6O15(OH)2.6H2OCommon2 - 2.5Grayish white, yellowish white, bluish green white, reddish white, gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableSerpentine Group(Mg,Fe)3Si2O5(OH)4Very Common2.5 - 4Olive green, blackish, yellowish green, brown, yellow, white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableSideriteFeCO3Very Common3.5 - 4Yellowish brown, brown, Gray, yellowish gray, greenish gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableSillimaniteAi2SiO5Common6 - 7Bluish, brownish greenish, colorless, gray, gray green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableSilverAgVery Rare2.5 - 3Silver white, gray white, gray
SkutteruditeCoAs2-3very Rare6White, light steel gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableSmithsoniteZnCO3Common5.5Grayish white, dark gray, green, blue, yellow
SodaliteNa4AI3(SiO4)3CICommon5.5 - 6Azure blue, white, pink, gray, green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableSphalerite(Zn,Fe)SVery Common3.5 - 4Brown, yellow, red, green, black
SpinelMgAI2O4Common8Colorless, red, blue, green, brown
SpodumeneLiAISi2O6Common6.5 - 7Grayish white, pink, violet, emerald green, yellow
Staurolite(Fe,Mg,Zn)2Ai9Si4O23(OH)Common7 - 7.5Brownish yellow, brownish black, yellow brown, dark brown, reddish brown
StephaniteAg5SbS4Rare2 - 2.5Lead gray, black
StibiconiteSbSb2O6(OH)Rare4 - 5.5Brown, gray, lemon white, light yellow, orange brown
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableStibniteSb2S3Rare2Lead gray, bluish lead gray, steel gray, black
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableStilbiteNa,Ca2(AI5Si13)O36.14H2OCommon3.5 - 4White, gray, reddish brown
StrontianiteSrCO3Very Rare3.5 - 4Colorless, greenish, gray, gray white, yellowish
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableSulfurSRare1.5 - 2.5Yellow, yellowish brown, yellowish gray, reddish, greenish
SylvaniteAgAuTe4very Rare1.5 - 5Yellowish silver white, white
SylviteKCIVery Rare2White, yellowish white, reddish white, bluish white, brownish white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableTalcMg3Si4O10(OH)2Very Common1Pale green, white, gray white, yellowish white, brownish white
TarbuttiteZn2(PO4)(OH)Very Rare3.7Brown, colorless, green, white, light yellow
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableTetrahedrite-Tennantite Group(Cu,Fe)12Sb4S13 - (Cu,Fe)12As4S13RareSteel gray, brown, purplish red, dark blue, blackish
ThomsoniteNaCa2(AI5Si5)O20.6H2ORare5 - 5.5White, brown
Thorianite(Th,U)O2Very Rare6.5Brownish black, green, green black, gray green, yellow
TitaniteCaTiSiO5Rare5 - 5.5Reddish brown, gray, yellow, green, red
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableTopazAI2SiO4(F,OH)2Common8Colorless, pale blue, yellow, yellowish brown, red
TorberniteCu(UO2)2(PO4)2.8-12H2ORare2 - 2.5Green, grass green, leek green, apple green, siskin green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableTourmaline Group(Na,Ca)     (Mg,Fe+2,Fe+3,AI,Mn,Li)3AI6(BO3)3(Si6O18)(OH,F)4Common7Black, blue, pink, red, brown, green, multicolored, white
TremoliteCa2Mg5Si8O22(OH)2Very Common5 - 6Brown, colorless, gray, white, light green
Tridymiteβ-SiO2Very Rare7Colorless, white, yellowish white, gray
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableTronaNa3(CO3)(HCO3).2H2ORare2.5 - 3Colorless, gray white, grayish, yellowish, yellowish white
TurquoiseCuAI6(PO4)4(OH)8.5H2ORare5 - 6Blue, blue green, green, green gray, light blue
UlexiteNaCaB5O9.8H2ORare1Colorless, white
UraniniteUO2Rare5.5Brownish black, gray, grayish black, black
UvaroviteCa3Cr2(SiO4)3Very Rare6.5 - 7.5Green
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableVanadinitePb5(VO4)3CIRare2.75 - 3Brown, brownish yellow, brown red, colorless, yellow
VarisciteAIPO4.2H2OVery Rare4Blue green, colorless, green, light green
Photo Of This Mineral Is Available"Vermiculite"(Mg,Fe,AI)3(AI,Si)4O10(OH)2.4H2OVery Common2 - 3Colorless, green, gray white, yellow brown
VesuvianiteCa10Mg2AI4(SiO4)5(Si2O7)2(OH)4Rare6.5Blue, brown, green, yellow, white
VivianiteFe3+2(PO4)2.8H>2ORare1.5 - 2Colorless, green, blue, dark green, dark bluish green
VolborthiteCu3(VO4)2).3H2OVery Rare3Brownish yellow, greenish yellow, yellow, yellow green, light brown
WavelliteAi3(PO4)2(OH)3.H2OVery Rare3.3 - 4Blue, brown, brownish black, colorless, green
WhewelliteCaC2O4.H2OVery Rare2.5Brownish, colorless, gray, yellow, yellow brown
WillemiteZn2SiO4Very Rare5.5White, yellow, green, reddish brown, black
WitheriteBaCO3Very Rare3 - 3.75Colorless, milky white, grayish white, pale yellowish white, pale brownish white
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableWollastoniteCaSiO3Rare4.5 - 5Colorless, white, grayish, yellowish, reddish, brownish
Photo Of This Mineral Is AvailableWulfenitePbMoO4Rare2.75 - 3Orange yellow, waxy yellow, yellowish gray, olive green, brown
Zincite(Zn,Mn)OVery Rare4 - 4.5Yellow, dark yellow, dark red, orange
ZirconZrSiO4Common7.5Brown, reddish brown, colorless, gray, green
ZoisiteCa2AI3(Si3O12)(OH)Very Rare6 - 6.5Gray, apple green, brown, blue, rose red