ZACK'S ROCKS & MINERALS - Rockhounding Safety
Safety is the most importing thing you should remember when collecting rocks and minerals.

Wear good strong work boots. This helps support your ankles and helps with traction and also if a rock falls on your foot it is protected better than with normal everyday shoes.

Also wear long pants. This helps reduce the amounts of cuts and scrapes that may occur to your legs.

Always wear safety goggles when you are breaking a rock.

Were gloves, this helps protect your hands from cuts from razor sharp edges of rocks.

Always remember to watch where you put your hands, because of snakes and spiders, which can bite or even kill.

When ever visiting a quarry or mine, wear a hard-hat, it will help protect your head if any rocks were to fall and hit you.

Any time when you go collecting you should take a first aid kit. It is rare to use the kit, but if you have to, it is there.

Also remember never go into an active or abandon mine or quarry unless you or someone you know, knows what he or she is doing! Never go alone and always be sure to let someone know where you are going, and when you will be home.

Drink plenty of water. This will help you from becoming dehydrated when collecting, especially on hot summer days.

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Always take your cell phone, and make sure it is fully charged, and dial 911 in an emergency.